My 50+ ideas (feature requests) for Adobe products

Hi, there! Here are my 50+ ideas for Adobe products which I’ve been posting on their forum since autumn 2021. Spoiler: 2 of them are already implemented! (it took less than one year)

I continue posting new ideas & suggestions, so this post is updated quite often.

Each link opens in a new window and leads to the corresponding topic on the Adobe community forum.
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My ideas for Photoshop

1. Add a Color Overlay view option for Blend if.

2. Add a preset for a Saturation mask in Selective color.

3. Match color – make it work non-destructively.

4. Color grading panel from ACR as an Adjustment layer.

5. Rename Blending to Feathering in Color Grading. 

6. Auto Healing + Dodge&burn filters.

7. Blend if, correct inaccuracy.

8. RGB channels previews inside the Blend if.

9. Hair filter (stray hairs removal).

10. Athletic body neural filter.

11. Decontaminate colors option as a clipped layer.

12. Rotation inside the Liquify.

13. Gradient live preview. DONE!

14. Add hotkey “P” to the text prompt for Preview checkbox.

15. Make the Selective color sliders colorful.

16. Toggle the Blend if visibility in 1 click.

17. Deleting the Blend if effect in 1 click.

18. Make Eyedropper tool ignore active layer mask.

19. Eyedropper tool improvement.

20. Layers workflow (hide layers, show selected).

21. Remember & load the last Freeze Mask in Liquify.

22. Add the Shift Edge option to the mask Properties.

23. Add the Angle input field to the Crop tool settings.

24. Add creating a Stamp Visible Layer as a menu command.

25. Fix the Merge layers issue.

26. Feather for the Patch tool.

27. Add White to the Canvas color list.

28. Liquify Reconstruction improvement.

29. Add Sharpen filter to the Liquify panel.

30. Add a shortcut to collapse a group from the keyboard.

31. Smart crop (Crop empty pixels).

32. Drag-and-drop for Blend if.

33. 5 points Curves preset.

34. Image + Image compositing filter (AI).

35. Live color range mask.

36. Curves improvement (switching between the channels).

37. Stamp active layer & below.

38. Replace color – make it a smart filter.

39. Autofill masked area feature for Freeze Mask in Liquify. UNDER REVIEW

40. Image Processor – Add more actions option.

41. Option to limit the file name length.

42. Select & mask – Add more settings (for the Brush tool).

43. Add a tiny info panel for the Eyedropper tool.

44. Select & Mask – Shift edge improvement.

45. Add clipping warning indicators to Histogram and Levels.

46. Contrast mode for the Sponge tool.

47. Show Hardness of the Brush tool at the top panel.

48. Add an option to group the LUTs.

49. Blend if by Saturation.

50. Add “Current and below” for the Spot Healing Brush.

51. Background color change option in Liquify window.


My ideas for Lightroom

1. Preset Amount Slider. DONE!

2. Auto remove birds (for timelapse photographers).


My ideas for Camera Raw

1. Changing the sliders values by scrolling.

2. Manual Distortion improvement.

3. Closing icon at the upper right corner.

4. Add “Open as Layers in Photoshop” option.

5. Reference view (2 different files side by side).

6. Skin uniformity slider.

7. Add the Eyedropper to the Grading panel.

8. Add negative Saturation values in the Grading panel.


My ideas for Adobe Premiere

1. Exposure clipping visualization.

2. Add color previews for Color labels.

3. Changing the background color in Program window.

4. Add numerical values to the Curves.

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