My 50+ ideas (feature requests) for Adobe products

Hi, there! Here are my 50+ ideas for Adobe products which I’ve been posting on their forum since autumn 2021. Spoiler: 2 of them are already implemented! (it took less than one year)

I continue posting new ideas & suggestions, so this post is updated quite often.

Each link opens in a new window and leads to the corresponding topic on the Adobe community forum.
You can easily log in via Facebook in 1 click & support the ideas on the forum if you like them! :)


My ideas for Photoshop

1. Add a Color Overlay view option for Blend if.

2. Add a preset for a Saturation mask in Selective color.

3. Match color – make it work non-destructively.

4. Color grading panel from ACR as an Adjustment layer.

5. Rename Blending to Feathering in Color Grading. 

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